Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Duncan's List of Fun Things from Christmas in Brussels

My mom said I should make a list of things i did in Brussels that were fun or interesting. Here is my list of things. 
lights on the Bourse

Here we are at the Winter Market by the Bourse.  The Bourse is the Stock Market.  Here, I have hot chocolate, and also got a crepe.  We were listening to a guy play Jingle Bells on an acordian.  On the wall of the Bourse, they were shining different colours... just like at the Grand Place 

by the Bourse

Here is me ordering cotton candy at the Market.  I asked for a small (petite), but it ended up being bigger than my arm!

hanging out in the hotel lobby
 Here is how I spent most of my holidays.  I am playing on my computer in the lobby of the Sheraton hotel in Brussels.  The reason for this is that my brother was too sick to go anywhere, so we had to stay close to the hotel.  He was so sick, that we couldn't even stay in the hotel room with him, since he was in bed with the lights out. Second of all, we didn't get connection in our room, but we got free wifi in the lobby.  I usually stayed up til 2 or 3 in the morning, sitting in the lobby.  Luckily there was a store right by the lobby, so we could go there for pain au chocolat and hot chocolate.

our christmas tree

This just happens to be "our christmas tree" (in the lobby of the Sheraton hotel).  but... on christmas morning, there were no presents waiting under it for the carter-johnson family.  Not even a gum ball or a gummy bear.  Nothing.  absolutely positively nothing.  when i say I got no presents, my parents go absolutely crazy.  My dad says "are you nuts?!  you got to go to Brussels!"  But I say, "that is not a present. that is a trip."  I know perfectly well that for it to be a christmas present, it has to go under a tree!!! (well... or maybe it can be in a shower... which is where Santa left one of my presents 2 years ago)

walking on Rue Neuve

yummy waffle store!
 On Rue Neuve (right next to our hotel), i think there might have been 10 waffle shops, and just as many chocolate stores.  Here is me and my dad by the signpost on Rue Neuve.

This happens to be one of the chocolate shops that I ran into.  If you look close enough, you can see that there are different colours of boys trying to piss on something... they are made of chocolate in different colours.  We got three packages of small ones, one of each colour (10 in a bag). 

My mom says it is wierd to eat a naked boy, even if it is made of chocolate.  I told her to mind her to mind her own business, and eat her own chocolates!

the Ice Beast
 You know those big inflatable walk through balloons (usually dinosaurs or monsters of some sort) that you sometimes see?  well, this one is supposed to be a ginormous icemonster.  You think these things will be just for kids and be sort of boring.  But this thing was completely different!  First of all, it was as scary as watching every single justin bieber video for the rest of your life, while sitting in a chair with nothing to eat but lettuce, while a scary clown is dancing in front of you.  it was really dark inside, with flashing lights, so you couldn't see anything except for organs and things.  You have to walk through the monsters guts, til you eventually get to its heart, where you can't hear anything except for the heart beating, and it gets louder and faster the closer you get to it.  You need to be really careful, since anytime you touch anything, there is a big scream.  eventually, you get to the stomach, which was really creepy.  you have to take floating rafts, but you can see people who aren't yet dead being digested in its stomach.  The worst of it is that you have to exit through the monster's butt!  Right at the end, instead of just walking out, you have to get shoved out the hole.  it is scary because you think you are going to be crushed by the walls pushing against you, but you just pop out through the end.  Gross but really fun.
This is a statue of warrior pigeons.  It is a memorial for all the pigeons soldiers that gave their life for their country.  They were useful for delivering messages.  I think it would have been even more awesome if they were also used to attack the enemy soldiers.  they would have been pretty great, becuase it is not all that easy to shoot a pigeon in flight.


  1. Duncan,

    I liked your blog post -- seeing your hotel Christmas tree, the waffle shop, the lobby of the hotel, the ice beast (sounded terrible the way you had to leave it), the chocolate mannequin pis ... yuck to that, and that cotton candy (mine always cuts the corners of my mouth).

    Now in two days, I get to see you and have some adventures with you -- starting at the Tate Museum with that new exhibit.

    Lucky me,

    White-headed grandma

  2. "First of all, it was as scary as watching every single justin bieber video for the rest of your life, while sitting in a chair with nothing to eat but lettuce, while a scary clown is dancing in front of you."

  3. yes it is weird eating a naked boy even if it is made of chocolate


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