Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wandering further down the beach at Noosa

I don't know that I have much more to add to the post above, other than to say Noosa is hard on someone with a camera... you just keep wanting to take pictures!   (or at least I kept snapping away... i think i have 50 pictures of waves, and i can't pick a favourite)

kite surfers riding the waves
I just wasn't sure where to be pointing, or when: it was all quite beautiful.

At one point, i thought I was looking at birds in the sky, til the penny dropped and i realized i was looking at a bunch of kite-surfers out in the water.  I coudn't figure out how they managed to ride the waves in a big clump without having their kite strings tangle with eachother.

path along the cliff edge
I wandered the other direction too... and headed into the Noosa park, where a boardwalk led you through the trees, and around the point to a series of beaches and bays the kept drawing your eyes forward to the distance.


  1. Wonderful pictures and lucky you to be in Australia...or should I say smart for jumping at the chance. Recently a friend of mine who has been to Australia taught me food trick from there. You need to get these Australian cookies, bite off both ends, suck coffee up the cookie, then once the cookie is soaked quickly eat it before it crumbles. I am not sure of the cookie but ask around and give it a try. Sooooooo delicious! Enjoy the scenery and in the intellectual pieces to your trip!

  2. I was interested in your photo of the kite surfers. I thought you had marks on the lens of your camera, with that nicely defined half circle. Thanks for the moment looking at Australia with you.


  3. They are Tim Tam's. Go get the cookies. Try sucking coffee up them. One of the delicious things in the world.


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