Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wandering further down the beach at Noosa

I don't know that I have much more to add to the post above, other than to say Noosa is hard on someone with a camera... you just keep wanting to take pictures!   (or at least I kept snapping away... i think i have 50 pictures of waves, and i can't pick a favourite)

kite surfers riding the waves
I just wasn't sure where to be pointing, or when: it was all quite beautiful.

At one point, i thought I was looking at birds in the sky, til the penny dropped and i realized i was looking at a bunch of kite-surfers out in the water.  I coudn't figure out how they managed to ride the waves in a big clump without having their kite strings tangle with eachother.

path along the cliff edge
I wandered the other direction too... and headed into the Noosa park, where a boardwalk led you through the trees, and around the point to a series of beaches and bays the kept drawing your eyes forward to the distance.

On the Noosa beach (in Australia)

waves on the beach at Noosa
Never thought I would get to Australia.  

I was tempted there by the prospect of a most fabulous workshop/symposium on "Representational Legality" (aka cultural legal studies). 

a gentle breeze in the palm trees
The workshoop was held on the Sunshine Coast at Noosa.  That is to say, a double-whammy of sorts: a feast for the brain, and a feast for the eyes. 

While i am not known to be a morning girl, it was worth getting up early to take a walk down by the beach before the intellectual work of the day started.

Some sea-foam for the feet
There was a boardwalk you could stick to if you wanted a 'sand-free walking experience', or you could kick off the sandals and plunge your toes into the warm white sand. 


shadows from behind
Even though it was 'winter' there, temperatures in the 25degree range left me appreciative of the gentle breeze blowing off the water.

The only way you could 'really' tell it was winter was by watching the light:  the days were short, and by 6pm, it was dark out. 

There was a moment there, before the sun plunged into the water, that it cast long shadows down the beach.

Catching the sun in the waves...
Since it is usually too hard to take a picture of ones own self, i was pleased to catch my shadow (proving to myself that I was actually there!)

Those short days did feel a bit wierd. 

The Canadian in me had a hard time coming to terms with the notion that a day could be both short and warm (rather than my own assumption that a winter day must be short and cold).

trying to take my own picture?!  :-)
I could get used to this!