Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Checking out Chekov

Day 3 in Saint Petersburg

After I gave my talk on Deadwood, we raced off to the Maly Theatre to see The Three Sisters by Chekov. 

Full House at the Theatre

They had English subtitles projected on a blackboard above the screen, just like they now do with Live at the Met! 

Talk about heaven! 

I got to watch Chekov in Russian, in Russia, with English subtitles, and then have Russian friends share a meal with us and discuss the play (in English) after it was over. 

The lobby of the Maly Theatre

I don't think I have the words to describe the experience. 

I had not seen the play loved it! 

It was also fun hanging out in the lobby with our Russian friend, who is trained as a director. 

Marie-Claire and Rebecca happy with Chekhov

He could tell us about the different actors, and about the display in the lobby of set designs from other shows (including their staging of Lord of the Flies... you can see one of the costumes from that hanging behind the chandelier)

Chekov was not in the LEAST depressing!  

Rebecca Kelvinovna 


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