Sunday, February 5, 2012

Net Ball Extravaganza

running lines to warm up

I don't really know much about netball, though Duncan belonged to the netball afterschool club last term.

Last week we had a friendly match between Queenswell and St. John's School.  Duncan hasn't played since before Christmas, but still.... what the heck!  So... with Arta visiting, we decided to tag along for the game, to watch and learn.

First thing I learned is that it is a bit like basketball, but without the dribbling.  The kids have to pass the ball down the court.  An adventure.

The second thing i learned is that it is played outside.  If Arta and I had known that piece of information, we would have dressed more warmly.   We had been anticipating a nice heated gymnasium.  oops. 

First, it was time for 'warmup', as the kids had to run lines across the court. 
Altering a waistband with a hair scrunchy

And warm up was needed, since it was absolutely freezing outside.  Literally!   It had to be at least a couple of degrees below zero.  

The teachers made sure that all the kids had sweatpants overtop of their shorts, just for an extra layer of warmth. 

For kids who were a bit too small for the school's extra sweatpants, there were instant alterations (like inventing a snug waistband with the use of a hairband)

strategizing in a huddle!

There was a bench on the opposite side of the play far away to follow the action.  Stalwarts that we are, we moved the bench closer, and borrowed Duncan's coat to use as a blanket.  Perhaps it would have been better for him to use it himself, but.... we were cold spectators!

They shoot!   They score!
 We were also entertained spectators! 

There were lots of other parents, and grandparents and siblings there to watch, cheering from the sides.  It was great fun watching the kids, strategize, and play! 

St. John's won in the end, but we later found out that they also won the district championship last year!  So, we we so lucky to have the chance to practice our skills with such great competition (and it made us feel not so bad that we lost to the very best team... and indeed made us feel even better about the 2 baskets our team scored, and the many baskets we kept them from scoring). 

Everyone was also happy to snack on the juice and biscuits that they provided at the end!

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  1. There was no juice and biscuits for the spectators, but the kids gathered around the picnic table and ate until they had enough.

    We walked home through Swan Park, right to our home. No swans in the park, but some unusual birds caught our eye.

    Duncan's teacher told him she is one of her best players. He is tall and the basketball skills can be put to good use, even if a person can't dribble in this game.


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