Saturday, April 21, 2012

Camdentown with Orit, Dan and Petra

Those of you who know me well, know that I am not a very good shopper. Indeed, I am really bad at it. That is, too many minutes in a store and I become positively claustrophic.   

Orit, on the other hand, really loves to shop. So does Petra. 

strolling the streets in Camdentown

Well... there was really only one way to take care of that: Camdentown!   I could follow Orit and Petra into the shops, and then retreat to the sidewalks after a few minutes in a shop, and could entertain myself outside watching the crowds and people.  Dan seemed to share the same orientation as me, so things were ideal.  It was a nice day, and the street were not yet uncomfortably full of people. Perfect!

almost like a museum!

Early on, we made a shocking discovery:  it is not just that Orit and Petra both like shopping, they like shopping for shoes.  That made things easy, since we saw some of the funkiest shoes and shoe shops around.  Even I was lured into some of the stores to gaze with wonder at the shoes!

And to go with shoes, a woman needs a hat, doesn't she?
doesn't every woman need a hat?
Well.... maybe not.  But there were so many things to see  Scarves, silversmiths, hemp clothes, earrings made from pressed flower petals, amazing leather bags, rings, felt coats.... and much more.

I will say the wierdest consumer commodity of the day (for me) was something i think of as the "Doggie Bag".... it was a purse in the shape of a dog... but it was made of hair.  Or rather, of hair extensions.  Human hair extensions.  OK.  So... one could do a whole analysis there, but i guess it is enough for me to say that I admire the ingenuity of creative artistic spirit.  I don't really wonder why someone would MAKE such an object, but I wonder who would want to buy one.  On the other hand, i am sure some friends out there will remind me of the rabbit fur sweater I bought at the second hand store, the one with rabbit all around the top, and some wierd armpit jewellry attached.  I couldn't help myself: it was so wierd I had to have it.  somehow, I didn't feel the same about the doggie bag.  :-)

will it be the ring or the beads?
We finally broke for lunch, giving us time to restore our spirits before heading back into the market for round 2 (and letting Dan sneak back to the hotel for a quick nap, and to get his bags packed for the trip hom the next morning).

Round 2 was also a great success, with everyone (including ME?!) coming away with some object-d'art (or was it rather 'object-de-desire'?).  I can't believe I managed to spend that long shopping!  I must be growing up!


  1. Hello,

    In the shoe store, I will take the red and white polka-a-dot pair of high heels. Can you check to see if orthodics fit in them? Thank you.

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    1. And now I have a question about Soul Sister? Where do you rank that piece of musical theatre -- and shall we just keep it to the genre of biographies: Before or after Jersey Boys? Back Beat? Thriller?

      And do you think it is going to make it to the West End?


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