Friday, April 13, 2012

Green Onions?

one little green onion, ready for chopping?
 A few days ago, at the end of a day of exploring the town, Dan and Orit came over to the house bearing gifts!  ... A chocolate coconut cake (kosher for passover!) and a big bunch of green onions.  

I was a bit surprised at the onions, since Orit really hates them.  Well... maybe it goes beyond hatred... i always thought she was exaggerating about her dislike of onions until that one fateful evening in Battlecreek, Michigan, when I invited her over for dinner, and served my very favourite soup in the world, "West African Peanut Soup" (you can find it in the Sundays at Moosewood vegetarian cookbook).  It does take a full two cups of chopped onion... but the soup is blended, so you cannot find the smallest piece of onion to let you know they are there. 

Sure enough, I was right!  She loved the soup (as I knew she would), even asking for a second bowl.  It was only an hour later, when she was crippled with inexplicable stomach pains, that I confessed my sin.  Ah well....a bit of time bent over the toilet, and she was right as rain.  (and has subsequently forgiven me).  On the positive side of things, she no longer has to tell people she doesn't like onions; now she can truthfully say "Onions make me sick"

So... i was surprised at the big bunch of green onions.  .... until Dan told me they were daffodils.  Ah!  OK....  though they seemed a bit disappointing as far as blooms go. Still, I followed his instructions to snip off the bottoms and put them in some water. 
Dan's happy dance at the daffodils

Apparently Dan shared a few of my concerns about the thin blooms, and so you can only imagine his delight when he arrived back at our house the following night to find the onions had begun to transform themselves.  I only caught the tail end of Dan's happy dance of delight. 

And the miracle just kept going.  By this morning, the onions had been transformed into a glorious burst of springtime.  The whole kitchen is fragrant with the scent. 

the onions, two days later...


I am going to pick up another bunch of 'onions' once this bunch fades....

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  1. Dan has good taste in flowers. When is he coming to my house?



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