Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yellowknife summer skyline: sunsets and sunrises

What a highlight of the year to finally visit the Northwest Territories, and spend a week in Yellowknife!

The plane from London to Yellowknife landed sometime between midnight and 1am.

But from the amount of light in the sky, i would have thought it something like 8 or 9 in the evening.

It is hard to know what to make of those long summer days in Yellowknife. 

Summer solstice indeed! 

It simply is too light out to want to go to sleep.  

It would have been impossible to sleep had the hotel not had the heaviest of curtains sheilding the room from the outside.  

Throughout the week, I felt this strange sense of fatigue as the evening would wear on, and the light would continue. 

It is like part of your mind 'knows' that it is late, but your body is confused by the contradictory signals (the amount of light in the sky). 

You end up with this wierd feeling of being both exhausted and energized.
It is also hard to know if the colours in the sky are 'sunset' or 'sunrise', since the two moments bleed into eachother in a way that makes it unclear which state you are actually in.

In any event, the colours were glorious.  I just couldn't decide if my 'favourite' was the palette of pink and mauve...
.....or if it was the yellow and gold. 

Certainly, along the edge of the horizon where the sun was touching land and sky, it looked like molten lava spread across the clouds....amazing.


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