Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yellowknife: walking around Frame Lake

Frame Lake

My colleague Marie-Claire and I spent a week in Yellowknife for an amazing workshop called "Activating the Heart: Storytelling, Knowledge Sharing and Relationship"). 

(More later on the workshop, which was held at Detta in Chief Drygeese Territory). 

I got to town a day before the workshop started, and so took some time to explore Frame Lake, which is just a couple of minutes from the Explorer Hotel where we were staying.
There is a great path around the edge of the lake...perfect for strolling or biking. 

It is perhaps 9 kilometers around the perimetre, and gives you a whole variety of views.

Conversations for the birds...

bird on the rocks...
There were also a plethora of birds around. You could see them sitting in the trees, having conversations with eachother, splashing in the water (one bird seemingly 'on guard' out on a little rock).


Unfortunately, there was plenty of bird food around too (by bird food i mean 'mosquitos'). 

Everytime I stopped to take a photo, (particularly in shady areas) the little bloodsuckers caught up and tried to hitch a ride on a piece of exposed skin, so i took fewer photos than i otherwise might have!  :-)

Still, it was fun following the path around, and exploring the view from the different angles. 

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The water was wonderfully reflective, suggesting a landscape below the surface.




  1. And now the Yellowknife Workshop seems to be so far away. Thanks for the wonderful pictures to remind me that it really happened for you.


  2. Oddly, I sure miss Magpies. I am told they are pests, but I have always loved them. Sadly, we don't get any out here in the Outaouais. Another reason to miss Alberta. :-)

    And another reason to visit the North. It is on my list of places to visit before I leave this earth.


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