Friday, October 14, 2011

Adventures Past - Camden Day Out, Wandering the Streets, and the London Transport Museum

Wandering in Camden Market

Horsehead in Camden
The days keep rushing forward with activities, even if I don't get them posted up in anything like a timely fashion.... We have twice now headed off to the Camden Markets, which are of course Glen's favorite place to hang out.  No surprise really:  if there is something in the world you want to buy, it is probably hidden away somewhere in a booth in the camden market!  One of Duncan's favourite places was a shop that had everything the well-dressed goth could want to wear, in every size imaginable (as long as the colour you were looking for was BLACK).  I will admit that the baby-goth wear (complete with skeletons and hellhounds) was kinda cute.

Pink Tights the new rage?
London does offer a variety of charms.  Wandering through Chinatown is one of them.  I do love the grocery stands and fresh produce!  While I have actually tried Durian-flavoured icecream (which was actually quite delicious, though simultaneously stinky in a way you can only understand if you have cooked Durian before), i am not tempted to purchase one.  Still... this large one was too beautiful to pass by without taking a photo.   So too, the man in pink tights....  just not sure what to make of him.  "Men in Black" has a certain ring to it, and they do say that pink is the new black!   Still....  Not quite sure that this look will be making it to the runway this year.

Lego Darth at Hamley's
More lego dudes!
And some places do require more than one visit.  Duncan did drag his dad back to Hamleys toy store for an afternoon of browsing (and to stand beside the huge Lego Darth Vader.... which would require both time and blocks beyond our family capacity!)

London Transport Museum

Driving the bus!
 Steve and Duncan also spent a happy afternoon at the London Transport Museum.  Tonia has long said it is one of her favourite places.  The boys agreed!  Not only do you get to 'look', but you get to touch! Steve forked out the cash for the annual pass, so we will be heading back there again! 


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  1. Just a warning, Duncan, do not, DO NOT eat that durian.


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