Friday, October 28, 2011

Saturday mornings on the High Road

yummy challah bread
 I think we are getting some of our Saturday morning rituals in place.  While the Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond suggests that it matters not whether one takes the high road or the low road (you will end up in Scotland either way!), Saturday morning here in North Finchley does take us down the High Road (indeed, I am not sure exactly where the low road would be?)   And for a perfect Saturday morning, you really need at least a couple stops on the High Road.  Alex's first stop is usually the weight room over at the fitness club at the end of the street.  But others in the family are a bit less pure.  For me, the perfect Saturday morning starts with a stop at Yosi's bakery where, if your timing is right, you can get your hands on a still warm loaf of challah bread.  They keep asking me if I want it sliced.  Huh?  No... i would rather just rip hunks right off it! It is like candy.... who needs butter or jam? 
A stopping point on the High Road

Mango Blaster heaven

The only possible 'improvement' comes by grabbing a set of soft chairs in the coffee shop, and supplementing a stolen fistfull of warm bread with a warm beverage!  Well... Duncan would disagree about the value of the warm beverage, since he has discovered the delights of the much colder (and slightly more expensive) Mango Blaster Smoothie.  And if one's parents, in a moment of weakness, authorized a stop at the local Computer Games store, so much the better. 

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