Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My favourite childhood story...

One of my very favourite books as a child was "Harry the Dirty Dog".  I loved the adventures of this dog, who got so dirty rolling in the mud that he was no longer recognizable to those around him. 

Kiwi the Dirty Dog
Somehow, I could relate to Harry, never being able to (or being interested in) keeping myself clean: knees, elbows and face were undoubtedly shaded in earth tones.  No wonder my mother chose to dress me in browns rather than in white or pink... the earth i picked up on my travels blended in a bit better that way.

Shower time for the two-toned dog
I was thinking about that book today when Alex brought Kiwi back from a walk in the park.  She is part poodle, and does love the water.  A bit too much.  We all know to watch out if there is a puddle anywhere in the vicinity:  she will head right to it for a good lie down.  I thought we would be safe, since we have had a record breaking number of days with no rain (uh... three!).  And yet..... she decided she was thirsty, so headed for a drink from the pond/bog/slough in the centre of the park.  Yes... in case you were did smell just about as bad as it looks.

Clean again... but for how long?
I have a new appreciation for the owners of Harry the Dirty Dog.  There is no such thing as a 30 minute walk....there is only a 30 minute walk followed by a 30 minute bath!

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