Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some things were just not meant to be...

Some things go together like magic: peanut butter and jelly, mint and chocolate, strawberries and cream, .... you know... stuff like that.  But there are some flavour combinations that just do not work so well together.  Of course, to some extent, this is a question of taste.  For example, I would say that garlic cream cheese (which I love) just does not work if you put it on a blueberry bagel (which I also love). Steve, on the other hand, sees no contradition in this blend.

The world of icecream is an interesting place to think about this problem.  Certainly, there are those that prefer their icecream to carry 'chocolately' flavours, and those who prefer more 'fruity' flavours.  My mother, for example, leans in the direction of chocolate, while I lean towards fruity (I suspect one of my siblings would add here that the statement is true of me more generally).  But whatever the declination, I would had said before tonight that there is no such thing as a bad flavour of icecream.  I have even, for example, tried Durian flavoured icecream (which is quite stinky and yet also interesting). 

So it was with surprise tonight that I saw at the grocery store FOUR different icecream flavours that I had not run across before: malaysian coconut and lime; prune and armagnac; chocolate and rosmary; and (wait for it...) mustard savoury.

Mustard icecream.... bleech!
 Well....  what else could I do?!   I came home with "Mustard Savoury".  The label on the side says "savory and sweet at the same time".  I suppose that, strictly speaking, the label speaks the truth:  it IS savoury and sweet at the same time.  But not in a GOOD way!  Indeed, everyone in the house has tried a spoonful, and we have collectively come to the position that there are just some combinations that should not even be imagined into existence.  Mustard and ice cream is one of them.


  1. When you come back I can recommend (from the same place as the Durian in Vancouver);
    Basil Pernod
    rosemary cranberry
    garlic & ginger.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. Alex offerred me some and I did eat it without knowing what it was. So putrid!


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