Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chimney Swifts?... or maybe Starlings?

Tonight, as I was walking back to the hotel, I chanced upon what was 'i think?' a flock of chimney swifts, or some such bird.  I don't understand either WHAT these birds are doing, or exactly HOW they are doing it, let alone the question of WHY.  Nonetheless, I sat on the curb watching them for a good 15 minutes before remembering that my ipad can take videos.  So.... excuse the noise from the wind and cars,, but here is a glimpse of the birds in the darkening sky...

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  1. OK. So my friend Lori pointed me to this link, and suggested that maybe what I saw was a starling murmuration (could there be a more interesting word?) Check out this link... it is a way better shot of exactly what I was watching. it is stunning!


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