Monday, November 21, 2011

My morning walk up signal hill

This morning, I woke up early, so i could try walking up signal hill to see the sun rise. The walk was not as bad as I had feared: only 45 minutes to the top and back, with lots of time spent trying to figure out the best angle to take a photo from.

Cabot Tower on Signal Hill

From the bottom of the hill, Cabot Tower stood out against the sky. It looked imposing. ... or maybe more like 'lonely'.

Birds on Georges Pond

I stopped half way up (by Georges Pond) to watch the birds flying and landing on the water. The whole scene kept me thinking of stripes:  stripes of cloud, of sky, of rock, of water, of land....  it was like ribbons of colour, or ripped strips of paper stacked one on top of the other....
 Again, the view from the top of the hill made every step up the incline more than worth it.  Yes, it was a bit chilly, but there is something magical about standing on the top of the hill, being whipped by the wind, and looking out across the ocean.  There were others up on top taking photos.  I can imagine that the view is never exactly the same...i love how sky and sea sometimes seem to mirror or bleed into eachother.  I am looking forward to doing the same walk tomorrow morning!


  1. Quick, someone make sure steve hasn't been injured by a fall off the chair while reading this post about 45 minutes morning walk.

    Is someone editing your posts to change all mentions of "death march" to "walk"?

  2. Alright there you trouble-maker, Stacy! OK. So... i will admit that my friend Ruth is sharing the same sense of shock at these posts which suggest that I (well known to have been a slug or three-toed sloth in a former life) would voluntarily go for a 'walk' (particularly one involving 'nature'). But come on...surely a person can change? (or maybe just have a momentary loss of muscular coordination?!)


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