Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treating in London

My mom said that there would be nothing going on for halloween here in london, so I shouldn't count on going out trick or treating. But then we found out my friend Oliver was going to go, so we arranged to go with him and his brother. They don't live close to us, so we had to take the bus half an hour to his house, but that was good, because there were a bunch of kids on the streets at his place. Dad and Alex said not a single trick or treater came to our house!

Here I am in my costume. It is half dracula and half werewolf. I know it is not all that great, but that is because we only had a day to figure out something that we could find in the local discount store. Still, i think the claws are pretty cool.

So, our first time trick or treating in London was good. But it wasn't as good as back home. The reasons for that are that no one's enthusiasm is as high as ours at home to get candy as fast as possible. They take their time, walk slowly, skip a LOT of houses, and then, just, well... go to one house, then walk back, wasting time you could be spending in getting candy or other stuff.

Plus even if you don't go trick or treating, you hear fireworks all night. Here, they are thinking that bonfire night starts five weeks early. In fact, we have heard fireworks at night every night for weeks.

Well, that is all for this blog post. I will try to get the next one to you as fast as getting candy on halloween, CANADIAN style! But will the next post be "Trick" or "Treat?"


  1. hello Duncan it is Felix and i stay home on Halloween with Sam. school is going well, you should look forward to Arbutus, there is lots of chances to join clubs, and every one is friendly. i am getting better at StarCraft, and the nancat game you showed wasn't my thing. on Wednesdays when you come home from school at 4pm every second week i properly will be on scipe, or 11am sunday morning we will try to be on. sincerely Felix

  2. Duncan
    This is stacy... I am looking forward to hearing what you thought of Guy Fawkes day ... bonfire night!!


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