Thursday, November 17, 2011

a trip to the candy store

Walking down the High Street with Kiwi

The Suckers in front of the Suckers! 
The other day we (Duncan and Ben) went for a walk down the High Street to the best candy store in London:  Mr. Simm's.  It is the 8th wonder of the world! They have all types of sweets, some you can't even name!  There are so many kinds of chocolate bars, like "Banana Rama" and "Coca Cola" and "Carmel Rocky Road", "Chili Pepper" and "Mint Chocolate". Both of us got a "Brain Blaster Candy Spray".  it is totally sour (if you have not tried War Heads Candy).  We tried spraying it in our parent's mouth.  They all said it was totally gross.   

Chocolate Bars at Mr. Simm's

Later that night, I (Ben) hid my chocolate bar in my bedroom.  Kiwi (the dog) snuck in there, and in less than one minute, she devoured nearly the whole bar!  That dog is so cute but a bit of a criminal.  Earlier that day she also devoured my mom's bar of soap!   What's up with that?!


  1. I feel the adults are becoming too indulgent.

  2. Perhaps kiwi was confused and thought it was that soap candy. Somehow it looked like rocks and tasted like sugary soap. Who invents such a stupid candy?

  3. I half expected Fred and George to emerge from a secret passage behind Ben and Duncan.

  4. wow i dinnint know that you where in london !!!!!


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