Wednesday, March 14, 2012

British Museum - Greek Eyeopener (part 2---for Felix, Stacy and Rich)

Our newest board game!
  So... Felix Stacy and Rich sent us a board game for Christmas!  It is called "7 wonders. 

Now, this may not 'seem' like a beginning to a post supposedly on the British Museum, but it IS. 

The Wonder at Halikarnassos!

Duncan and I saw the connection last night when we opened the game and started reading the rules, the cards, the pieces, etc. 
 There are seven wonders to be constructed (7 different boards shuffled out to the players).  One of them is the Mausoleum at Halikarnasos!

And thus the link!.....Because on the Greek Eye Opener tour at the British Museum, you get to see some of the fragments remaining from Halikarnassos (which was mostly destroyed in an earthquake).

So, for you Felix, here are some of the pictures I took of some of the pieces that still remain from that wonder, and which are there in the British Museum! 

Drawing of the Mausoleum

Here, for example, is a way too blurry photo of a drawing they have of the Mausoleum (basically a monster tomb, named after Mausoleus, the guy who had it built for himself). You can see where there would have been friezes around the bottom, and sculptures of people near the middle, and a chariot with horses near the top)

Now that we have the game, we are going to go back to the Museum and look more closely at all the remaining fragments!

Can't wait to challenge you guys to a match when we return home to Victoria!

Mausoleus and his wife?

Fragment of a horse's head

One of the lions from on top
Frieze of battle with amazon women

Felix, if you want to read more about it, there are great posts on the British Museum's website.  Check out these links:

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  1. hey Duncan hope you like the game!
    cool pictures from the Bridish museaum
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY can't wait till your back, felix


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