Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Half a Key is not quite as good as a Full Key...

You know... it was just one of those days.  A day that I decided to spend the afternoon at some Birkbeck lectures (on the Tudoreque, and on Aboriginal Notions of Place), telling the boys to just take care of themselves after school.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong?  Duncan has his own key, after all, and knows how to let himself in.

You will note that the key in this photo is a bit 'short'.  Most keys are somewhat longer than this one.  Of course, several hours ago, the key WAS somewhat longer than it currently is. That is because the other half of the key is still inside the lock mechanism

Who knew that today would be the day that the key revealed its deeply bifurcated nature, and that one half would refuse to leave the locking mechanism behind, clinging to its one true love, and abandoning its other half?

Amazingly enough, Duncan, using the broken half, still managed to jimmy his way in, and stay at home to open then now broken door for others.

So much for my "what could possibly go wrong?" attitude.

The locksmith is on the way!


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