Sunday, March 4, 2012

Duncan's Birthday Cake

the ingredients!
 For months now, Duncan has been sharing ideas for a birthday cake.

Since Monday is the big day, we finally settled on his choice of recipe, a number he calls the "Jungle Cookie Icecream Cake".

First we gathered all the ingredients   That is, icecream, cookies, and candy!

crushed oreo crust
There being no oreo cookie crumbs at Sainsbury's, we took snack packs of oreo cookies (yes, with the icing still in!) and smashed them up to make a crust on the bottom.

After-Eights on the edge
Then, we lined the sides of the springform pan with After-Eight Mints, and then started loading in the icecream.  

add icecream

Once the first layer of icecream was down, Duncan covered it with a layer of Jungle Gummies (elephants, caterpillars, monkeys, etc).

Then it was time for a second layer of icecream (with chocolate and strawbery sauce). 

Finally, he stuck twix biscuit cookies around the top, and added the rest of the jungle gummies and the last of the crushed oreo cookies.

twix cookies and gummies
 And there you have it! Duncan's recipe for the ultimate sugar-full birthday cake. What 'nearly 11-year-old' boy could ask for anything more? 


The cake is now firming up in the freezer, awaiting tomorrow, when we will have the chance to sample Duncan's recipe.

The sugar rush awaits us!



  1. Is Kazeem coming over to enjoy this treat with you after school?

    Is your Dad coming home early so he can sing Happy Birthday before you cut into the cake.

    How will you be sure your mother doesn't sneak some of the gummies off of the top of the cake before the birthday begins?

    So many questions? So little time between today and tomorrow!

    Happy birthday, Duncan!

    Grandma Arta

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  3. The age old question "Can a dessert be simultaneously enticing and disgusting?" may now be put to rest.

    (This is the same post as deleted one above... with corrected, less embarrassing, spelling)

  4. Elizabeth LoughranMarch 6, 2012 at 5:41 AM

    Let's here it for ambarrassing speling! And gee,the cake looks interesting. Happy BDay Duncan!!! Hope everyone is well.


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