Sunday, March 11, 2012


getting ready to play
Inspired by Arta, we got a new camera with a much better zoom (well... since our last camera had only a 3x zoom, just about ANYTHING would be better!).

Steve gave the new camera its first workout today at Alex's game:  Finchley v. Fullerians.

Duncan and I watched from the sidelines (with Kiwi, of course), while Steve ran up and down the  sidelines, shouting out suggestions to the players, and trying to get good photos!  :-)

steve on the sidelines

It was an adventure to watch, even if I still don't know how to score.  Further, even though I know that a 'scrum' and 'rucking' are different things, I still don't really know how to describe them (other than to say both leave me certain that there will be a major injury at any moment).

moving the ball
And injuries there were, but nothing requiring medical interventions.  Alex took a knee to the head, and later a knee to the groin.  Ouch.  But... he is still standing!
in the scrum

a line out

stretching out after the game

The Finchley team did really well (winning 38-10), which leaves them just a bit closer to the possibility of moving up to division 1 next year.

Fun! (if terrifying)


  1. I used to play rugger, until I took an arrow to the knee.

    Just in case you are following the internet memes.

    THis looks incredibly fun (to watch!) when you get back we should all go watch Alex play one time/

  2. I used to watch this game when Uncle Kelve played. I was sitting on the sidelines many a game. Not a big following in the audience in those days, but those of us who were there really cheered, as I will if I am lucky enough to get to one of Alex's games.


  3. I tried out for a women's rugby team when I was in my late teens. I thought the flying tackle was really exillerating. But I never got a knee to the head or the groin, and Arta told me I would get an injury if I went back to another try-out. The injury would come from her.

  4. PS: Brilliant photos! I would love to watch a game. The only relative I have ever watched play rugby was Teague when I was in Belgium. Perhaps Teague and Alex will swap injury stories when they meet next at the Lake.


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