Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Groovy Milkshake Cup

So this looks like one milkshake cup, right? Well... a cool milkshake cup with two straws in the top.


Nope. So.... First yout unscrew the lid and take it off.


Then you pull it apart and.....


Voila! TWO milkshake cups!
I have a different flavour of fruit smoothy on each side!    One was cherry and the other was blueberry.  A great combo if you mix them together.  And the great thing about it is, that, lets say you had only one cup that could support a milkshake, but you had two kids who wanted one, and they each wanted a different flavour.  In this case, you can put a different flavour on each side and give it back to them, and voila!


  1. Very cool cup!

    Very impressive demo!

    Is the cup refillable?

    Is this product from the candy store that Duncan keeps telling me about ... or is it from some other shop?

    What is the cost of the cup, alone, and then of the refill?

    Do you and Steve have one as well?

  2. This is Duncan from my mom's account... we got this cup from the movies. you can buy it there and you get to keep it. They fill it up with two different kinds of slurpee so you can share with a friend, or have two different tastes all to yourself. The first time we got it, when everyone left the theatre after we watched the smurfs movie, people left their cups behind. i wanted to collect them all, but mom said it would be too hard to sneak them all out, but she let me take home mine and two others. We took them home and washed them, and now we can use them when we want.

  3. Hello Duncan,

    I can't figure out why people would leave those cups behind and not take them home to use them over and over again. Your mom was nice to let you take 3 home -- which looks like there is one for everyone except for Steve.

    When Rebecca was young we went to the Calgary Stampede and there were beige collectable plastic cups (12 oz.) that had CALGARY STAMPEDE written all over them. Wyona got the idea that we should take as many home as we could, so we collected all of the discarded ones. I don't think we held children by their feet and lowered them into garbage cans to get them, but for some reason, that image is strong in my mind.

    So glad to hear you are green and into reuse and recycle.


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