Monday, September 5, 2011

Our walk up the Strasbourg Cathedral Tower

We are home in London again, but there are still photos left on my camera of the Strasbourg trip that I am not ready to delete!  Here are a bunch from our climb up the tower stairs of the Cathedral.  I don't remember the exact number of stairs:  less than the eiffel tower, but still a bit of exercise..... at one point, the cathedral WAS the tallest building in the west, but... that was 500 years ago or so!  :-)   Still, the stairs were very narrow and winding.  Sometimes you would get areas where the windows were bigger and would let in the light, but often the windows were narrow, and it was a bit dark and spooky! We were glad that there was a hand rail on at least the one side, and stuck to it pretty well.  We also agreed that you might not want to have to do this walk everyday to get to work (we saw there were some offices at the top of the stairs!).... particularly with an undone shoelace (as you can see Duncan has)

It was fun seeing the view change as we got higher and higher.  We liked the view through this particular window, which looked right down to one of the restaurants that we had eatten lunch at earlier in the day.... it was also fun to get a closer look at the wild boar/pig sculpture just below (which seemed to be pointing to the restaurant.

I also loved getting a closer look at the flying buttresses on the outside, and looking at the stained glass from both outside and above. 

Yea! I made it to the top!
The view from the top was the reward for the walk.  It was high up, but not so high that you felt any vertigo looking down.  Plus, the Eiffel tower walk had been a tough one for me...too many years of sitting at a desk.  I was thrilled to arrive at the top having broken only a minor sweat!  Yea!!!!
Roof line from above
photostitching the view up top
I tried to use the Photosynth app on my IPad to 'stitch' a photo from the top.  you can see that I still need to learn how to do it right (it does feel a bit 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, but you can at least get a sense of the sky from up there.


  1. lol
    does ducan like icarly

  2. Duncan,

    I loved the walk up the stairs. For some reason the Eiffel Tower stairs were easy for me. I could get up them in less than 1/2 hour and it would have taken me 45 minutes, standing in line to take the elevator, ... so I saved 15 minutes and got my exercise for the day in.

    Now tell me about Nottinghill Carnival in Central London. Did you go to it? I have been looking at pictures on the CBC newsbroadcast that comes to my email in the morning. The costumes are fabulous!

  3. Thanks again for the great pictures. I have learned to double click on them to get a closer view. And today I found a tool on the cursor that lets me click again and get one more enlargement. Doing this, and studying the picture makes me feel as though I am there with you.



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