Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jazz in the Park

All week long, we had been noticing signs up around the neighbourhood announcing: "Jazz in the Park" (Sunday, 3-7).  The park in question was the Swan Lane Open Space just behind our place... so why not?!

tents for treats!

a first falafel
 Steve and Alex headed over to the park right after Alex's rugby practice.  Duncan and I wandered over with Kiwi after finishing up a shopping trip.  The stage was already set up, and though the band was not yet playing, the sound system was serenading us with jazz classics.  People were starting to gather, and tents were being set up:  Indian food; Falafels; Mr. Simm's Candy; liquor, etc!  Alex tried his first falafel, but is not a convert (indeed, wonders if we need to add chickpeas to the list of 'allergy alert' foods... which would suck!)  Duncan choose cotton candy instead.

hanging out on the hill

We were nicely set up in front of the stage, and just at the place where the ground begins to slope down.  I had a moment of longing for Glen and Janet's "Roots-and-Blues-Chairs" (those folding ones that you can carry on your back like a knapsack).  Indeed, I might have to invest in some.  We had a great location, but my butt really appreciated a good cushion!  :-)  Still.... it was great sitting there in the park, people kids and dogs milling around, super mellow energy, and great tunes!

Claudia Morris
 The singer was Claudia Morris, and she had a lovely group supporting her (piano, trumpet, sax, bass, guitar, drums).  She did a pile of classics from her new album... and I loved it that I knew the words to them all!   yea for the classics!  Casino Royal, Makin' Whoopie, Close Your Eyes, etc.  Here is a clip of her from youtube (from last year!) singing "So Nice", which she did for us.  Sweet!

the typical London sky...

The sky was the usual London mix of blue and grey.... but lucky for us, the worst of the grey held off til the end of the first set!  So... we hung out in the park for an hour or so, listening to lush tunes, then headed home after the end of the first set, (OK... heading home is a one minute walk... not a big deal) arriving at the front door just as the first rain drops began to fall.  Perfect timing!.... so rare! :-)


  1. I would like to say that I can see Steve and Alex in the picture, but no ... my eyes go straight to that falafel. Would be terrible to have to get the chicken or beef version of the wrap-up. But Alex, if you kept it down, you may be good for the next time. Chickpeas are an acquired taste. And those spices? Yes. Mmmm, good.

    Did you know that the singer, Claudia Morris, got an award from the Vegetarian Society for creating the first commercially successful allergy-free cake and marketing at Sainsbury's. Now there is something to look for on your next trip there.

    Thanks for the virtual trip to a Jazz Concert in the park.

  2. further detective work, and we are suspecting the problem is not the chickpeas, but the tahini which went along side the falafel: apparently, it is common for people with allergies to shellfish and treenuts (ie. Alex) to also have allergies to sesame seeds. Another thing to add to the list...

  3. So my head is spinning ... thinking of all of the sesame seeds in the world and the recipes for them: sesame seed bars, some sprinkled liberally on Chinese food dishes, and the cursed tahini (garlic garlic, lemon juice, and sesame seed paste). So what you are going to be missing in all of that is that dry, foul, garlic taste in the mouth, I guess.

    I have a question, Alex. As you grow older, do some of these allergies go away, or do you think they are going to be managing them for a lifetime?


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