Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Day of Vacation and First Day of School

Here were are in September.... time to return to school!  Alex got his place in school a day after it started.  But Duncan was waiting for a place a bit longer: I was told to just keep him home the first week while the district sorted out places for new kids. So what else to do for fun but go to a movie.  Stalwarts that we are, we walked the 40 minutes to the theatre to see SpyKids in 4D!
but where IS everyone?!

Smell-o-rama is cool!

FOUR D you ask?  Yep... not only the groovy glasses, but an Odorama card, that we could sniff at various points in the film to more fully enjoy the experience (of pickles, bacon, babyfood, candy, on ordorous explosions of gas.... gah!)   The film was what it was: not King Lear, but that isn't what Duncan was wanting anyways.  Wierdly enough, the theatre was mighty empty.  We were the only people there until minutes before the film started.   I guess this is what a theatre looks like when you do a daytime matinee when the kids who are the target market for the film are already back in school.

But then, oh joy, a phonecall letting us know that a place was available at Queenswell Junior School.   Now Duncan, like Alex, is kitted out with a school uniform.  Because Duncan is still in the younger school, he doesn't require a jacket and tie:  still has to do black shoes, grey socks, trousers, school polo shirt (in yellow) and school jumper (translastion, v-neck sweater) in blue.  So here he is, dressed and ready to school, and being pinned in place by his dad for the shot (it was sprinkling a bit usual).  Here is a close up of his smiling fact, eating his breakfast as we are getting ready to walk the 15 minutes to school.

you are kidding, right?
 The first day, Duncan was a bit worried that he would hate the school.  But then we decided that the street sign was something of a harbinger of good tidings.... I mean, seriously...who DOESN'T want to go to a school that is at the end of "Sweets Way"?!   .... well... I suppose there is the cautionary tale of Hansel and Gretel, but aside from that....  :-) 

ready made applesauce


Sweets way it is!   We walked past not only the towering horsechestnut trees, their feast of conkers spread on the ground, but also crabapple trees, their red fruit already being mashed to applesauce on the ground, and even a fig tree!   everything you might need for a good figgy pudding! 

And maybe it is starting to get towards the time for nice warm puddings.  The gutters lining our streets this morning made it clear that, though not yet the middle of september, fall is on the way!


  1. I have a little bit more free time than most people, so I have fun double clicking on the pictures on the blog and getting a good look ... for example, at the shoes Duncan is wearing. Those look like serious go-to-meeting church shoes. I don't have to worry about bringing my own shoe polish when I come, Duncan, because I can see I can use your shoe polish. I like to give my shoes a spit-shine and I will show you how to give your shoes one when I come. Everyday you will be the kid with the best looking shoes in the school.

  2. I am a little let down Duncan is not wearing short pants because through my youthful readings of Enid Blyton that was the UK way of things.

    Felix has chosen Trombone for his band instrument ... I thought of Alex!

  3. School uniforms are great. When Marcia wore a uniform to school, she and the other girls would try to push the rules by wearing long earrings or Kelly green instead of forest green. Steve looks great using his muscle on Duncan. I would like to see Alex in his uniform. He would be handsome!

  4. Woa, Duncan xD Cool :D -Dis some girl from Queenswell :D

  5. hi i have seen u in queenswell

  6. Hey, Ruben here, Goodbye man I'll see you in Canada.... Maybe?

    1. Do you mean you might come to Canada some day?! That would be cool. Here is a link to the city i live in:

      Last night, there was a deer in our neighbor's back yard. She said it had huge antlers. It ate her flowers. ha ha

  7. Maybe someday I might come, maybe next year if I'm lucky enough.

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