Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Day in Strasbourg

Well.... it was our last day here in Strasbourg.  After the delicious morning breakfast (involving the high-tech hot chocolate machine), we went and rented bikes, so we could ride around town for the day.  This is a city full of cyclists and cycles, none of which seem to move at a pace much faster than what one could do on foot.  That is, nice and slow.  The bikes are also very 'upright'.  Duncan has been freaked out that people here do not wear bike helmets.  I suspect it has to do with the fact that people move slowly, and that bikes/cars/people/trams seem to live with a heightened level of attentiveness and respect for eachother.  I just don't know!  :-)  What I DO know, however, is that this city is set up so you can take your bike right down and ride along the edge of the river. I loved this part of the path, with the willow cut back to make room for the passers-by.  The ride was gorgeous.  Though it started off a bit cloudy this morning, the brief shower gave way to a sunny sky.  The river was like glass at some points.... a mirror for the buildings: reverse images of the world above!

a boat in the lock

sluice gates on the locks
We biked over to La Petite France, where we hung out for a while on the path by the locks so that we could see a boat go through. On our own boat tour, we went through two locks: one that took us up a level, and one that returned us down. It was fun to watch, since you get a different view  from above than the one you get from inside the boat.
Awesomely yummy!
Not so tasty!
We ate our lunch on le grand'rue near La Petite France at a (turkish fastfood?) place called Mr. Kumpir.  Duncan's choice of restaurant!   It was a potato/corn place.  Duncan says it was fantastic.... you got a sort of baked (mashed and flavoured, and then put back into the skin) potato with 4 toppings (in his case, beans, corn, hotdogs and cheese). What could be better?!   He also wanted to try the turkish salted yogurt drink they had. I said "go for it".  He did.   He was less impressed (though I quite enjoyed it!)

so many possibilities!

and MORE possibilities!
We had different ideas about our favourite parts of the bike trip.  Mine were linked to the streets, the buildings, the canals, the bridges, and the sky.  His favourite parts were the shops:  Glubs (the candy shop), the store with the figurines in the window (spongebob, southpark, Alien, Terminator, etc).   

Neither of us, on the other hand, was tempted by one of the more creepy shops we biked past.  It was labelled "Antiquities", and reminded me of something out of a scary movie.  The window was full of strange things, and skeletons, and stuffed animals and birds in slightly uneven states of repair.  Not sure how well you can see the animals in this picture.  The store window was a bit too reflective at that time of day.  But... there was a monkey, a weasel (though no mulberry bush to the best of my knowledge... in terms of the monkey chasing the weasel, of course!)

So.... one last trip to the Strasbourg Cathedral, so I could take one last photo looking up at the sky and the amazing arch of sculptures positioned over the front doors.  ... and of course, say goodbye to the little gargoyle/dragon guy on the front wall of the church.  Bye bye Strasbourg!  See you again (I hope!)


  1. Hi Duncan,
    I don't like those salty drinks either. I will take a sweet one over the salty ones anytime. I hope I am in your company when you go back to Germany next time. What a sweet deal for you this trip was. I doubt you have ever left the other half of the family behind and gone on a trip just with your mom (except for the time the two of you went to buy the house in Victoria).

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip back home. There is an adventure every day!


  2. Adding this city to the places I would like to visit!

  3. OK Alex! I want to see you in the next pictures. I know you are there hiding. The pictures of the canal and the reflections are exquisite Rebecca! Why does Duncan always have food or drink in his hands?

  4. If you come again to Strasbourg, in the future, take again a bike, but ride at night along l'Ill (the river), around République =)
    The city seem to be magic.
    Really. I can't grow tired of seeing that.
    There's something enchanted...?
    Well, I don't really know how to explain. But if you open your eyes, and see (not just watch, but really seeing), you'll feel something.
    Like catching moments from another time, with these old houses, bridges, street lamps, trees...
    And our cathedral is amazing, by another way, at night.

    (Sorry for my tortured English, I didn't spoke - or even wrote a word in your language for 3 years, so I expect that my grammar is in a pitiful state =S )

    A Strasbourg citizen =)

    1. Your english is FAR from tortured (we could compare with the state of my french grammar!). I WISH WISH WISH i had tried biking on the canal at night! I can just imagine it! You are so lucky to be a strasbourg citizen. I fell in love with your city!

    2. You know, french grammar is so complex that a lot of french people cant' wrote it right.
      I've got the chance of being one of those who...wrote in french without a mistake, an without any effort.
      But I've no merit, it was like innate.
      You'll try next time you come pay a visit to us =)
      I love Strasbourg too, and I know I don't profit enough of the beauty, museums, opera, parks and all the advantages the city has.
      That's because of my studies, if I had time, I would have explore Strasbourg in every corner =)

      Hoping you'll understand me again, and hoping you're well



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