Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday in Alexandra Park - blowing balloons

Sunday, Alex and Steve headed off for their first "away" game of rugby. A short drive away, another friend picked them up and off they went. Duncan and I also headed off with Jaimin and Aditi (one of Duncan's new friends from school) to explore Alexandra Palace and the Alexandra Park. You can see it here  Alexandra Palace is the site of original BBC broadcasting, so something of an icon.  The great part is that you have an excellent view from there of central London (the Shard, the Gherkin, etc).

We sat there at the top of the hill, sitting on picnic benches looking out over London, and playing with the Magic Plastic Balloons that we picked up at Hamley's the day before.  I love this stuff.... haven't been able to find it back home in Canada.  you squeeze this goo onto the pipe, then slowly blow it up.  The plastic is sort of solid, or hardens up somehow, leaving you with something totally interesting!
Aditi turned out to be the winner when it came to blowing the biggest balloons!   Duncan and Jaimin tried mashing all the smaller ones together to make a snowman of sorts.  Very impressive!


  1. I can remember playing with that plastic bubble making material when I was little. Fun to see it on the market again. I double clicked on the pictures, but couldn't get them to go bigger. However, I did get out to Alexandra Park and Castle via the link and even noticed there is a bird list and a butterfly list which is something I would pick up and then go out and spend the day seeing how many I could spot.

    Thanks for the reading fun.


  2. I too remember blowing those bubbles in the past. Save some for me so I can have fun too on my next trip to London.

  3. By which I mean, my new career is as a person running a mail order business to make this genius product available to the world!


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