Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Visit, and another week of theatre...

My mom (and aunt wyona and uncle greg) were here again for 5 days.  Lucky lucky me!  This time, there was just a bit less theatre than last time.... but it is all relative of course.  On their last visit, I think wyona might have managed 9 plays in 6 days, once we got the math sorted out.  I think that this time, it worked out to only one theatre performance per day. [hmm... now that I think about it, i am not sure that is true... they may have smuggled a few extra matinee performances in their as well]

Still, the group did drag me out with them for two of the nights: once to see Legally Blonde and The Pitmen Painters.   Legally Blonde was amazing campy fun.  I have taught the movie before, but think i might like the musical even better: there is something about its campy excess that really amplifies things.  Great fun.  And i am still thinking about Pitmen Painters.  What a great piece of theatre...Arta already wrote up a blogpost about our trip to the theatre (with a "P.S." from me), so you can find the story of that adventure on her blogpage.

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