Saturday, December 24, 2011

Duncan on Comic Strips in Brussels

Tintin wall
Belgium is the world capital of comics. So when you walk down the street, you can see murals like this one of Tintin painted on the sides of buildings.

Gaston Lagaffe
There is even a walk you can take where you go past a bunch of BD (bande dessine) mural walls.  Sometimes, it is not murals, but sculptures like this one of Gaston.

Tintin's spaceship at museum
We also went past the Museum of Cartoons.  We went into the gift shop there which had every belgian comic you can imagine.  There was a really cool chess set from the Asterix books:  it had the Gauls on one side, and the romans on the other side.  It cost 850 euros, so we didn't buy it.

Mom thought it would be fun to try and find all the comic strip walls.  We didn't find them all, but got picture of  lots of them. I know some of the comics, but not all of them.  The wall with Asterix was in a playground, right behind a basketball hoop

The Lucky Luke wall was also really fun.  This one is great because it has the Dalton Brothers (and Dalton is one of my cousins!).  If you look closely at the closeup of Lucky Luke, you can see that his shadow is slower than he is.
Mom says this one is funny because there are electrical lines painted on the wall, but there is also an electrical line that passes in front of the wall.

This one is also really funny.   Can you see that the Manniken Pis is at the bottom of the picture?  The bear is standing in the fountain where the Manniken Pis usually is standing.

Here is another wierd one.  There is a street lamp painted on the wall, but there is also a real streat lamp on the street in front of the wall.  If you look closely you can see the real street light, and it looks like it is sticking out of the painted one.

Here are a few more, even though we don't really know the comics they come from.  If any of you know what comics they come from, write and tell us!

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  1. Duncan?

    Great photo shots and good eye, to catch the telephone wires and the lamp posts.

    I have a question. How far did you have to walk to get that many murals of comic strip characters?


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