Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Duncan on A Fine Day Out (to Seaworld) - Part 2

Right after we left the acquarium, there was an arcade.  There were so many games to play there, it was so tempting!  Mom said i couldn't play the rip-off games, even though I would have been happy to spend my own money on them.  But she would let me do some of the non-ripp-off games, like Bumper Cars!

Steve's Bumper Car
Duncan's Bumper Car
The three of us went on the bumper cars.  We were the only ones there in the lineup, so they let the three of us go by ourselves.  You can see pictures of me and dad in our cars. Mom was also there, but she took the pictures, and she did not take one of herself.    It was really fun, but i got serious whiplash because my parents were thrashing me.  Mom would hit me from one side and dad would get me from the other.  They are cruel and merciless, but I got my revenge on dad.

The Driving Game of Doom!
My mom  suggested that dad and I go on a game together.  You can see that it has a 'Warning' sign, saying that it makes some people feel sick.  My dad didn't want to do the game with me, but mom shamed him to get in.  Here is the game.  It is for 2 people and you get in a virtual car.  It spins around so that the things that happen on the track also happen to the car. I made the car crash so many times!  Every time, the whole car would spin around.  I spun it so many times that dad hit the emergency stop button, and the attendant had to come to let him out because he was feeling like he was going to barf.  Like I said, I got payback on him for the bumper cars!

sea-doo racing
dirty-dog racing: 2nd place!
So dad was feeling sick, and had to go sit down for a while.  Mom stayed with me, and let me do more of the games there.  It was fun. ... but it would have been more fun if they had let me spend my money on the rip-off games (like trying to grab the giant chocolate bar with a claw)
my first London Cab!

It was raining when we left Sea Life.  Dad said that we could take a taxi.  This was my first London cab!  It was pretty good, and quite big on the inside.  It was also nice not to get wet. 

Roof at Rainforest Cafe

For dinner, we went to the Rainforest Cafe.  You can see that something wierd happened to my legs.I know I shouldn't have been playing around with those ducks in the toxic waste! Now I have grown duck feet.  hahah.  In the bar, every seat at the bar had legs from a different animal (elephant, giraffe, tiger, you get my point).  The roof looks like a rainforest.  It is quite stylish, and a good place to go.  you can hear and see a rainstorm happen every few minutes.    There are also moving and talking animals: elephants, snakes, gorillas, monkeys, cheetas, tree frogs.

Duck Seat for Duncan

sweet dessert!

25th anniversary, eyes wide open!
I took this picture of my mom and dad.  The funniest part is that this is the third attempt at getting it without dad having his eyes closed.  Every time we take a picture, he shuts his eyes. 

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  1. I want to sit in the duck foot chair.

    I pass on the rip-off games. I would rather just buy one big fat chocolate bar with the money.

    Thanks for the view of the ceiling of the Rainforest Cafe.

    No bumper car rides for me. I didn't go when I was younger because they cost so much, and I don't want to go now that I am grown-up and have a bag full of money at my side.

    Sorry about your dad's weak stomach. This is getting to be a habit with him. How did he do on the way home on the tube?



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