Monday, December 19, 2011

Duncan on A Fine Day Out (at London Seaworld) - Part 1

Today i was quite happy because i got to go to the london sea life aquarium, with my mom and dad.  i know my friend Ben will be so mad since we couldn't go when he was here because the line up was way too long.  Today was rainy and there was no line up at all.
Mr. Jelly
You see this green glowing ball?  It is a jelly fish.  You might not believe me, but the colours in the tank were sometimes green and sometimes blue.  this is because the jelly fish is clear, so it is the same colour as the light.

upside down jelly fish
We also saw something called an upside down jelly fish.  I think you can see why they call it that by looking at the picture.

Rock fish?
This next picture might look like a bunch of rocks to you, but if you look at it long enough, you can see that one of the rocks is really a fish.

sea horse and shrimp
They didn't have the big seahorses in the tank.  there was a sign that they were redecorating their tank.  But there were still some small sea fish there.  |Here is one sticking onto the bottom of plants.  They were only about 2 or 3 cms i think.  You can also see that there is a little shrimp in the background.  I think they like vegetables (otherwise, why is he clinging onto that vegetable for dear life?)  :)

real, or not real?
This is a crocodile. It didn't move since we started looking at it. I thought, 'how is this supposed to be interesting??'|, and i headed off to the next part which was the Arctic part of the Sealife.

When we finally got into it, we found a ginormous Japanese Spider crab.  And I mean, this thing is BIG.  Just imagine a spider with the armour of a crab that can swim.  Well the next picture is going to be way more interesting!

Gentou Penguins
Now, my favourite part of the visit... the penguins!   These live penguins are all just walking around on the ice (and every time I think of ice it makes my teeth hurt, like I am biting into a popsicle).  One of the penguins was hanging around the ball, while the others were walking back and forth in a pack, like they were trying to figure out how to go through the wall (where the tank ends and there is just a picture of more icebergs).
All in all, Sealife was just great.  Here is a picture of us that we got at the end.  If you come back for the next blog post, I will tell you what we did for the rest of our 'fine day out'.



  1. I am waiting for the next part of the "fine day". I don't know how a day could be better than the one you already described.

    Seeing your face beside the Japanese Spider Crab gave me a good idea of how big that crib was!

    As well, I looked at the sea horse for a long time. Pretty small!

  2. I have one more question.

    How did you get that very fine picture taken of you and your mom and dad at the end of the blog? Was it done by a professional?



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