Thursday, December 8, 2011

Playing with Clay in London

To maintain my sanity this year (what little remains to me), i signed up for a pottery class. Well, it was really a sculpture class, from a fab woman named Linda Zeff. You can check out her webpage here:

So far, i haven't done any sculpture (in part because it requires some level of skill i do not yet have, as well as an ability to stick with a single project for a bit longer than my attention span currently lasts. 

However, Linda has a wheel sitting forlorn in the corner of the studio, so she has been letting me play with the wheel on my own (as long as I promised not to need any instruction on it). Yea! I do love to play in the mud!

So, my first 4 pieces are finished (all low fire, which is new for me, but....)  I brought them home today, and baptised the first of the two mugs:  a moment of peace and quiet shared with the dog. (notice that I am wearing the lovely necklace of glass beads that my sister Mary made for me.... nothing like a craft that is practical (adornment or beverage delivery!)

the staring contest...
Well, on reflection, maybe the encounter with Kiwi was not entirely peaceful.  She has those puppy dog eyes...... i am not sure if she was wanting me to pour her a cup, or just to put the cup down and throw the ball to her....  (well... actually I AM sure what she wanted, but I was in the mood to sit a while, so was pretending not to get the message.  i don't think she was fooled.

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  1. Just break down and give the dog a drink of cup of coffee.


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