Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adventures in Baking

Toffee Trophy
What is THIS a picture of, you say?  Toffee?   Nope.  It is a trophy!  Well.... it is toffee AND a trophy.  You see, Duncan informed me today that he had committed me to making some sugary treat (caramel? toffee?) for the school bake sale.  OK.  .... I prefer to be given a bit more advance notice, but there you go.... it was still do-able. So on the way home from walking the dog, we stopped at Waitrose grocery store to pick up the basics: butter, cream, sugar, corn syrup.  The rest of the night basically involved hanging out in the kitchen waiting for the thermometer to mount up towards 'hard ball' or 'soft crack'. 

showing off the 4th to fall

Of course, i ended up trying to clean the kitchen at the same time.  Given my distraction, the sugar mixture went much closer to 'hard crack'.  It is still tasty, but with a bit more crunch than usual (approaching peanut brittle).  Still, Duncan proclaimed it a success (and ran off to the other room to watch Harry Potter with a plate of toffee. 

 He returned 15 minutes later in outrage, telling me that if I thought I was going to sell this stuff, I would going to have to also put up a sign warning potential customers that the toffee had the power to pull out your teeth.  With a flourish, he placed the trophy (a baby molar) in my hand.   Duncan declares that the tooth that was yanked out by the toffee was NOT the tooth that was wiggly, but the one beside it.  What ever the case may be, I think that brings the total up to 4 lost teeth in just about as many weeks. 

Yep.... adventures in baking.  Another trophy for my cabinet!

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  1. Wyona has always said she was going to make a necklace out of all our teeth (molars in particular) that she had been saving from our childhoods. We bring it up and laugh every once in a while about it. Turns out she may be serious. While rooting through her jewelry during my last visit to Calgary, I found a small cloth bag in which I thought was hid the best piece of jewelry. Upon opening the wee bag and emptying its contents into my hand I realized she has been saving our teeth. Here were 10 molars in my hand waiting for a gold or silver necklace. Now should I wait for her to make it or should I do it surreptitiously without her knowledge?


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