Thursday, July 7, 2011

And now Kiwi

And the exodus of the Carter-Johnsons is firmly underway.  Kiwi is the second to go!  Here is her last look at our house for the last year, waiting in the car for Fania to take her to the airport.  She has her own crate ready to go (in the backseat).  The instructions were for us to include a favourite toy.  I did put a ball in there for her, but just to make sure she was REALLY happy on the trip, I included another of her favourite things:  the oven mitts.  She is constantly sneaking them from the kitchen, and then taking them off to a quiet corner where she sits with them in her mouth, rather like Rhiannon Johnson-Brooks does with her soothers!  :-)  I think Kiwi will be happy.

While it is not "First Class" like Steve's, she also has her own special ticket, flying with Air Canada Cargo! (indeed, since the rest of us are flying on points, hers was by far the most costly ticket)

I don't think you can see it in the photo, but she has a micro-chip embedded in the back of her neck, containing information about the range of rabies shots, and deworming processes she has been through. It seems a bit strange to put a microchip in a dog, but the alternative would have been for her to spend six months in quarantine upon her arrival in London.  That would not have been so much fun.

 As it is, with the microchip in her neck, when she arrives in London tomorrow morning, they will 'scan her in' (like vegetables at the grocery store).  I was thinking this might be a good solution for me too... I could just travel with a microchip encoded with my documents and class notes, and then I could be sure that, whenever I ended up some place new, I would not be devastated by having forgotten my notes!


  1. Who's a good puppy!

    Doggy microchips eh? I guess we're next...

    The future is here, and i'm scared.


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