Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Trip to Paris - by Duncan

In Paris, all we basically did was walk around and look at stuff.

There were lots of tasty things. There were these things we found called crepes. they sound a little weird, but they are like a pancake only thinner and bigger. they make them insanely fast, and it is really cool to watch the people making them. we found stands all over the place that were selling crepes but with different toppings like nutella, banana, ham and cheese. I myself do not want to try ham and cheese, but I really like it when they put nutella and banana together. it makes a great taste: chocolaty and chewy. i never thought I would say this, but I found something that is even better than ice cream.

We also found this store called cyber gun. it had these great beebee and airsoft guns, but i was not allowed to get one, even though i really insanely wanted one. here are some pictures of all of the guns.

We also went on this bus tour. it was a double decker bus, but on the top there was no roof. Then, we were going underneath some trees. But some of them were really big, and almost smacked us on the face, so everyone on the top had to duck when the branches came too close. One of the chestnuts got caught in my hair.

We also went to the Eiffel tower, and climbed 669 stairs to get to the middle. Thank the gods that we could use the elevator to get back down! Here are some pictures of this event.

The bus tour took us to the Louvre. When were driving through the gate, we saw someone had painted a green ghost from Pac-Man on one of the walls. I didn't expect to see it there. The ghost is very small, and if you go there, you might see it. There is also a pyramid in the middle of the Louvre and you can see some greek statues. To all Egyptian fans, there is a ginormous pillar that had hieroglyphics on it. It looked like Cleopatra's needle from the book The Red Pyramid.... we will go see that in London next week.

We also saw a fountain that had a ton of cool stuff on it. there were hipocampi in the middle of it (that means, horses with the bottom half of a fish, created by Posidon... that is the god of the sea in the greek legends... you can read about him in the percy jackson books.


  1. Good stuff!

    I learned about Hippocampi from Dungeons and Dragons. See, D&D is about learning!

  2. Awesome stories! You're a great writer, Duncan. Hey, have you never been at my house when we're having crepes? I make them all the time. AND with nutella and bananas! Adn sometimes even whipped cream.
    I look forward to hearing more about your adventures. Watch out for evil chestnuts!

  3. its crazy how it took 699 steps to get to the middle of the Eiffel tower, and what did you do whith that chestnut, did you throw it off the Eiffel tower?

    from Jackson

  4. why didn't you take the elevater up the tower

  5. we didn't take the elevator to the top because my parents are cheap. They said we were on a budget, and that we should spent the extra money on crepes instead. and they wouldn't let me throw the chestnuts off the top of the bus or off the eiffel tower. No fun.


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