Monday, July 25, 2011

Duncan's reports on two days of Journeys in London

On Monday, we went to the British Museum. It was probably the most packed day of the year so we only stayed a short time. But in that time, we saw the Rosetta Stone, a sarcophogus, and a statue of a guy named "Pansy". Well.... it wasn't really 'pansy', but was PAN.....EHSY! I thought it was a typo, and that they meant to write "Ramses", but nope. that is his real name! He was a priest of Amenhotep. You can see him here.

After that, we went on a Harry Potter walking tour. I will tell more about that later.

On Tuesday, we got our very own Oyster cards for the train and bus. Mine is free because I am young, which is awesome. We found a street called Duncan street. It was a little wierd because I was standing on it.

We also went to Trafalgar Square. There is a ginormous statue in the middle of Lord Nelson, who has only one eye. Before they put the statue of Lord Nelson up there, the workers used to eat dinner up there. Who knew! lol :-0 While we were there, we watched a busker working in the square. He was a contortionist who wiggled out of chains. He was really funny.

After that, we went into the National Gallery. It has a wall of grass on the outside! We also saw a busker who did tricks and things. Inside the gallery, we found some paintings called "The Four Elements": there was fire, water, earth and air. If you click on this link, you can read about the paintings.

There is also a cool candy store down the street from us. We will take pictures next time we are there. See you then!

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  1. Duncan! Your blog is awesome! We saw some buskers too, but you have to wait for felix's blog to see that.
    Felix and Ben tried to post a comment but are new to the blog so they lost it. Hoping to have a blog for you to view tomorrow night!!


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