Thursday, July 7, 2011

Murphy's Law...or... what CAN go wrong WILL go wrong...

So... did I say Kiwi was off to the airport? Well... the day was a bit more complicated than that. I was going to drive her out there, but then Fania offered to do it.  I said, "Maybe I should go.  If something goes sideways, I would hate to put extra stress on you."  Fania said, "Well the ticket is already paid for, right?  And what could possibly go wrong?"  What indeed....
in the car with Fania
contemplating the crate...

Yes... Kiwi went off to the airport with Fania. Look how cute they both look in the car.  And they arrived safe and sound.  Here is Kiwi sitting beside the crate while Fania is getting ready to hand over all the paperwork.

But like I said.... there were a few details.  First problem?  The crate.   We knew the dog needed a crate to travel in, so we bought one a month ago, and have been letting her hang around in it to get used to the thing.  It turns out that they are fairly particular about just how big the crate has to be.  They have a nice little poster there so you can see what things should look like.  Unfortunately for us, when Kiwi stood beside the crate, she looked like picture number 1.  [note:  in the voice of goldilocks and the three bears, intone the phrase "This crate is too small!"]  Eight inches too small.  She would not be allowed to travel in that crate.  There was, however, a pet store out in Sidney (by the airport).  So off Fania raced to the pet store, to buy a second crate (another $250) that would fit the dog. 

patiently waiting..

Second problem?  Arriving back in the airport with the right size of crate, dog and crate had to be weighed in.  When Steve booked the flight, he had specified that she weighed 5 kg.  Really?!  Nope.  unless you really think that 5 kg translates to 35 pounds.  So... the price (which was based in part on weight) was going to be adjusted upwards a bit. OK.  Fine.  Third problem?  Fania was informed that the booking seemed to be off.  We were told she was booked on a 1pm flight over to Vancouver (to connect to the London flight), but there was no such flight.  OK.... a bit of a panic, but if she were to go out on the 2pm flight, she could still make it to Vancouver in time to make the connection.

Fourth problem?  We had apparently not yet paid for the ticket.  I just assumed Steve had done that already.  In this context, the booking does not overlap with the paying.  The ticket was going to be $1700.  Ouch, but OK.  Fine.  But Fania's family credit card has a limit of $1500.  I didn't see the big deal, and told the guy on the phone I would just give him MY credit card details.  No luck.  In order to pay, they need to scan in the card itself.  Of course, Fania has the car at the airport (which is 30 minutes away) and there is something like another 30 minutes to get everything done so Kiwi can get on the plane.  Fania, being the goddess she is, put as much as she could on the family credit card, and put the balance on her own personal credit card.  Yep.... once again, we relied upon "Banque de Fania".  But.... it worked!

ready to fly!
one last game of fetch...
In the last few minutes, Fania let Kiwi chase her ball on the airport grounds.... she would be spending the next 24 hours in a crate, so... one last hurrah in the BC air!  So.... into the crate she hopped.  Next stop, London!


  1. Cost to fly Kiwi to London: $250 plus $1700 = $1950

    Cost of 65 silk scarves at Ballals in Camden Market ... $1950

    Cost of 30 gasoline fill-ups in my 1990 Honda ... $1950

    Cost of 70 operas if watching HD Live from the Met .... $1950

    Just trying to translate the cost of taking taking that well loved Kiwi to London in terms of items I am used to buying.

  2. Happy puppy?


    Word ver: celin ... the musical artist next up for my Canadiana music series! :P

  3. Ha ha ha! This is what I say to my friends al the time: I would rather travel than have a pet. No thanks to the furry, scaled, or other type skinned animals. Travel is my best friend, it makes me happy, and I can feed it whenever I so choose after having accumulated the correct amount of money from not spending it on a pet. Yeah for the my pet: travel!
    I am sure you will all have a great time in London. I hear London calling!


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