Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mysteries of Garbage Collection



There are always 'new' things to figure out when you are moving in.  One is, of course, waste removal. 

 I payed great attention to the recycling information they sent us, figuring out what goes in the small  blue and black recycling boxes. I also paid attention to the difference between the 'green' and 'black' garbage bins:  one is for compostables, the other for everything else. 

And so, religiously placing everything into the correct bins, I couldn't figure out why the recycling boxes were emptied, but the two big bins were not.  Indeed, I have had no garbage collection for 3 weeks.   I finally gave up and phoned to find out what the problem was.  Simple.  The garbage bins were incorrectly placed (see the left photo above)  Apparently, the waste collection guys are not allowed to step on the property (which means the place where the sidewalk touches the bricks of the driveway).  They must be able to reach in and grab the bins without moving their feet on to the bricks.   I learned something new, and the garbage bins are now correctly placed. 

I wonder how many days will contain equivalent 'learning experiences' before I become aclimatized to life in London?

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