Saturday, July 30, 2011

Duncan's report on the London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is a pretty good place. Only two of the 14 things really scared me. No. actually, three!

At the beginning were some rats, and they were cool and awesome and fuzzy. But they were pretty creepy when they were two or three centimeters from my face.

Another scary things was Sweeny Todd the barber. Instead of just giving a haircut, he killed people by dumping them through a trap door beneath his chair so they fell to their death in a cellar below. If they didn't die right away, he came down and slit their throat. Then Margorie Lovett made them into meat pies and sold them. They killed 160 people this way. We got to go into the barbershop and sit down. Alex and me went to sit in the back row since we thought he would be by the barber chair in the front. but we were mistaken. when we sat down, they turned out the lights. Alex grabbed my arm so hard he was suffocating it. then we hear Sweeney Todd talking to us in the pitch black. Well... his voice was just behind us. Then all the chairs got pulled backwards very fast so it felt like you were being tipped backwards into the room below his chair. It felt like a heart attack. That was scary!

Last but not least, Jack the Ripper. He only killed prostitutes, which is a little like feminists. Oops, I mean misogynists. sorry for the feminist thing......... I was just trying to remember the other name. After we saw one of the dead bodies (which was all cut up), we escaped into a bar where a bartender told us more scary stories. then the lights went flickery and suddenly Jack the Ripper jumped in through a door with a knife, and then escaped. totally scary!

Last, we got sentenced to death. We walked down a lane and you had a choice to go to "Freedom" or "The Gallows". We chose the gallows! We sat in this chair thing, and they lifted us up in the air, a judge sentenced us to hang, then they turned off the lights and dropped us. Fast! You should have seen my face. It was hilarious. Actually you SHOULD see my face and you CAN. We bought the picture of all three of us on the last right and you heard Alex doesn't want it on the blog,so i asked mom to take a picture of the picture with just my face and her face. Here it is.

Extremis: Drop of Doom!

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