Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tickets, tickets, tickets...

This is really STEVE'S first post, but he has asked me to post it for him, so he could spend his last hour or so in Victoria doing something he really loves: spraying killex on the weeds to see if he can win the battle for the lawn. It is, of course, a losing battle, and one I never understand. the weeds are nice and green, and keep the colour in the lawn looking good! ah well.... one last moment of sharing time for him and the weeds.  So... this post should be read in the voice of steve (with only minor editorial commentary by Rebecca)

What Steve REALLY wanted me to do is just post his tickets. He is loving his tickets.  Above all, his favourite is beauty you see to the right. After trading in all his aircanada aeromiles for british airways airmiles (at a 1 for 1.5 rate), he got us all tickets to London.  The boys and I are going economy (well... "premium economy" he reminds me) , and steve is going first class.  Huh!?  Oh brother.   He doesn't have a "seat", he has a "suite" (as they are calling it).  They have already emailed him the most extensive wine list (too bad he is a beer man).  Expect to see more photos from first class as part of steve's first REAL post.

There are of course a few other tickets that he is holding with pleasure.  For example, this beauty: We (me and kids) arrive on the 11th. that will leave enough time for us to find a kennel for Kiwi, and then hop on the euorstar on the 13th for a week in Paris. Steve will start work a week later, so it will be the family vacation (we rented someone's home in the 10th arrondissement for the week).  Feel free to offer suggestions for things we should do and see while we are there.  We WILL be seeing Harry Potter there (opens on the 15th).  I had expected we would be seeing it in London, but... what can you do?

And last but not least, we will be going to see Tottenham play live. It will be my first 'real' soccer game ... against Bilbao. Not quite as fun as against Barcelona (in terms of engaging Joachim in the inter-team rivalries), but since I have actually BEEN to Bilbao, I will enjoy myself (there is am amazing guggenheim museum there!)

Tickets, tickets, tickets! How could one man get any happier?


  1. I suggest getting family tickets for 2 days on the Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus. If I remember correctly there are at least 3 different lines: green, yellow and red. Ride them all. Ride, ride, ride and listen to the commentary. Hop off if you like, but I could never find myself doing that. I rode my heart out -- taking at least 3 full trips each day. Ah sweet Paris!

  2. Now I have another suggestion. What is Paris without a day in the Louvre? Let the boys at least find the Mona Lisa.

    Or how about reading up on Saint Chapelle and then making a small trip to that little jewel. Or letting them sit on the back bench of Notre Damd and listen to some Gregorian Chant. Or how about a tour of Sacre Coeure and then buying a mementos from the street market guys out there -- or maybe a small tour of the art market that is behind that building, the one Greg loves so much

  3. Looking forward to more london posts!


  4. http://www.provins.net/index.php/festivals-and-events/whats-on.html

    Cut and paste that url into your title bar to see what is going on in PROVINS -- an hour train ride out of Paris, I think. Catie, Thomas, Rebecca Rose, Eric, Cathy and I went to their medieval festival where everyone who dresses up, gets in for 1/2 price. If not on this trip, keep it in mind for the next one.


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