Thursday, July 28, 2011

Poundland.... everything you need, for only one pound! ...almost...

We had walked by a shop called "Poundland" several times before I finally ventured in with the boys.  I assumed it would be like the usual dollar store at home, that is, a dollar "or more".  But nope.... no matter what you picked up, it was just one pound. 

 I was looking for batteries for the camera, and there they were:  8 batteries for only 1 pound?   Great deal!  I couldn't imagine HOW they could sell them for so cheap! 

Now I know.  Or at least, I know that when there is an expiry date on a battery, it means something.

 Each of these sets of batteries lasted for exactly 3 photos each on my camera.  3 photos, then the camera told me to replace the batteries.  Hmmm.... doing the math, that means I can get 12 photos for 1 pound (not including the irriation of replacing batteries every three pictures).

 I think I will pay regular price for the next set I get. 

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