Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alex's post from paris

In Paris we saw a church called "La Magdalene". It looks like a greek temple. They were just starting the church service and there was an amazing organ in there. It looked like it must have cost a million bucks.

There was a sign saying "No pictures during the service", but mom said that i could probably still take a picture of the back of the church and the organ on my ipod. We totally got busted by the photography police. What a drag.You can't trust my mother.

Later on that day, after church was over, we went back. Then photos were allowed. Here is a photo of the front of the church.

They had different statues around the outside of the church, where you could pay a couple of euros to light a candle. Check out this statue of Joan of Arc. You gotta watch out when you are trying to light them or you burn your fingers.

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