Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First past the post.....

Victoria Airport
...flowers for Victoria winters.
Yes... Steve is going to be the first past the post on this London adventure!  It is 12:45 Victoria time, and the first leg of Steve's voyage starts at the Victoria airport at 5pm.  A lovely little airport, really....with its funky little flower sculpture out front.

London Heathrow Airport
At 2pm tomorrow, he will be arriving at the Heathrow airport.....Yes, Heathrow is a bit bigger.... but there you go. Just another location for us to learn to love. I wonder if they have any flower sculptures there? :-)


  1. Felix tells me there is treasure hidden under the flowers

  2. Have a wonderful time, you guys! Bon Voyage! Boys, you're going to see so many awesome places and things that hardly anyone in Victoria at your age gets to see in person. Please put up posts about musicals that you boys like! I hope you enjoy at least a few. Au revoir!


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