Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alex's report on Sunday in London

The plan for today was to visit the British War Museum. The bus was supposed to take us to Victoria station, but for some reason, they kicked us off close to the Marble Arch.
We walked from there through Hyde Park. We stopped at Speaker's Corner, where there were a lot of people talking about stuff. Apparently, every Sunday, anyone who wants to can stand on a soapbox, and talk to the crowds. We stopped to listen to one guy going on about Iraq and the CIA and stuff like that. People from the audience were yelling back, or heckling, or asking questions. He held his own. Beside him, there was a bit of a shouting match between three old guys: a Muslim guy, a Hindu guy and a Christian guy. Not too much of a match, actually. The muslim and hindu guys were pretty calm and polite, but the christian guy was mostlyshaking his fist and shouting that all of us were rebellious and needed to change. Pretty wild.

Then it started to rain a little, and we headed off across the park. The rain stopped again, but as we crossed to the other side of the park (by the Serpentine Lake), we could see why the bus didn't take us all the way to Victoria Station: the roads were closed for a triathalon. It was in the middle of the cycling part. There were a couple of front runners, all trying to get the front spot, then a huge pack of riders in the middle, and then one guy way behind. There were motorcycles riding along side recording the race, and a helicopter above doing the same thing. You could tell when the riders were going to pass us again bywatching where the helicopter was.

We headed off past Buckingham Palace, but then it turned into a huge downpour, so we headed for a pub instead. On Sundays they always have a "Sunday Roast", so I skipped the Steak and Ale pie, and tried that instead. It was my first time to try Yorkshire Pudding. It tastes more like bread than like pudding. That's all for now!

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  1. Alex, the trip sounded great -- a bus diversion, a marathon, a downpour and roast beef in an English pub. Who could ask for a better day?

    And hey, it took me until today to realize that your family blog, London Calling, is named after the third studio album by the English punk rock band The Clash. Who knew? Does your family sing the tune as they travel along the London streets?


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