Sunday, August 7, 2011

Duncan's Report on Sunday in London

Today on our travels, we saw a bunch of strange things. When we were by the Marble Arch, we saw a statue that looks a lot like a gummie-bear family. It is called the Jelly Baby Family. Check it out. We also saw a wierd statue of a horse's head sticking out of the ground.

Next, we walked by the Australia War Memorial. It is a long curved wall with words written all over it, and the words are made up of smaller words. If you click here, you can do a virtual tour of it!

When we were walking in the park, we saw they had set up a race track. We had no idea what was going on, but stayed to watch. It was a triathalon, and we watched the cyclists go by.

We also got a cool cataolgue from a store called "Argos", and it has a ton of stuff in it. My mom says it is a bit like the old Sears Christmas Catalogue. It has way more toys in it than they even have at "Toys R Us". I am loving looking at it.

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