Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 1 in Strasbourg - Duncan's Highllights

yummy breakfast
serious coffee/chocolate machine!
We had a full full day today.  Hard to know how to order the highlights!  So... from Duncan's point of view, here are a few of them, in no particular order:

1. Breakfast at the hotel. We had croissants and pain au chocolat, and they had a fabulous machine that not only made great coffee (au lait? cappucino? espresso?), but also made a mean cup of hot chocolate (Duncan tossed back two of them)

a really cool tram
2.  We figured out how to get ourselves off to the tram line, to get to the University (so I could register, and pick up my materials for the conference).  The tram (which is above ground) has a great 'high-tech' look to it! We figured out how to buy the ticket, AND how to 'composte' it [which did NOT involve putting it in a bucket with green waste and worms].  I give my paper tomorrow (and Duncan will be spending the full day sitting at the conference) so we decided today would be a "tourist day".
3.  Tourist day meant: going to the cathedral to see the astrological clock; taking a boat ride on the river Ill; taking a mini tram ride through town; climbing to the top of the cathedral.  More to say on all of these in some other post.  These were "OK" on the Duncan scale, and "Fabulous" on the Mother scale.  ... so ... more on those things in another post!

Smurf flavoured icecream
4.  Schtroumphe flavoured icecream.  Duncan swears that this flavour is so amazing, that he now understands just why Gargamelle is always trying to eat the Smurfs!

painting a goblin
5.  "War Hammer":  Duncan found a "War Hammer" games store... the kind where you buy small miniatures, and then paint them. His uncle Doral always loved doing this stuff. The store would let you sit down and try painting 'for free'... yes... it was 'for free', at least the character that Duncan painted.  The starter pack of goblins he then wanted to purchase was 'less free', but... it is a fun hobby if he is willing to do the work!  Duncan says he is going to have fun painting them, and it will be fun to play war hammer with his friends and cousins when he gets back to Canada.  


  1. Schtromphe! So much better than blue bubblegum!

    And, painted miniature goblins ... I want pictures when they are done.

  2. Wish I were there! Duncan is looking like Alex. I guess they come from the same mould.


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