Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Duncan's Day with the Dinosaurs -Part 1

Today we went to the Natural History Museum. The lineup to get in was huge and there were like 25000 people there because it is the summer. Still, we got in OK.

When we first got there, mom tried to make us go to the exhibit where it is all about how animals have sex. They had someone there selling tickets to see it, but I asked the person by the dinosaur exhibit if it cost money to go in, and she said no, so we went in to see the dinosaurs instead. whew!

The trip to see the dinosaurs was absolutely fantastic. There were tons of dinosaur skeletons. We saw my favourite herbivore which is the tricerotops. We also saw my favourite carnivore which is the tyranosaurus.

After that, they had a robot dinosaur that was moving around, looking at the people, and making noises. Some of the little kids thought it was real, and were freaking out or crying, and I was "Like dude, its only a model"

After that, you could go into an area and touch things, like claws, and teeth and skulls. Once, I was walking and looking down, and then when I lifted up my head, this was right in front of me! It was really cool.

The gift shop was also really cool, but mom wouldn't let me get anything there. At least not on this visit.

We went into another area, where there were a ton of other animals, like hippos, sea cows, whales, goats, bison and stuff like that. Here is picture of me standing beside an elephant's leg.

That is the end of part 1. I will write part 2 on another day.


  1. Hello,

    Nice post, Duncan. I will come out to the internet tomorrow and read Part II for I liked your Part I. I was wondering if you had ever been to the Tyrell Museum in Drumheller when you came to see Grandma Verlaine, for you seem to know a lot about dinosaurs.

  2. Duncan: Hey boy. don't miss the next chance to go with your mom or dad or both to hear about the sex life of dinosaurs! After all they are now estinct and what they did can not be verified without six years of university. check them out on their knowledge while you can. you might even be able to teach them a thing or two!


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