Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Morning Walk to and From the Tube Station

Woodside Park Tube Station
While i have never really been a morning person, I am sort of enjoying getting up at 6:30 in the morning to walk in with Steve (and the dog) to the Tube Station: Woodside Lane, to Woodside Avenue, to Woodside Grange, to Woodside Park: yes, it is a 15 minute stroll, but it is 'woodside' all the way!   This time I took the camera with me.  The skies were grey, but I thought I would capture some of my favourite moments of the walk on the way home. 

First, I love the station itself.  It is so 'unlike' the majority of the tube stations.  Far from having that urban centre, under-the-ground thing going on, our station is above ground, and has the feeling of something more rural, something like the old train station in Sicamous, BC!  If any of you come to visit us, you just hop off the tube at Woodside Park, walk up the street (towards where I am standing to take this shot), and take your first left onto Woodside Grange (and woodsides all the way home!).

Right at the beginning of Woodside Grange, there is a lovely pear tree. I find myself trying to assess from day to day whether or not the pears have grown any larger overnight.  Half a block down is some kind of (I think) crab apple tree.  It is loaded with small fruit, but the branches grow so low over the sidewalk, that I am continually wondering when I will forget to duck and will instead get skewere through the forehead.  So far so good.

I love the variety in the houses along the road:  some flats, some retirement residences, some brick homes, some wood.  This house amuses me... I like the contrast of the one house, with the one beside it wrapped in plastic (renovating? fumigating?).  I also love a house a bit further up the street with its weather vane pointing out the direction of the winds (which, no matter which direction they blow, seem always to end with rain)
corner of woodside ave and woodside grange

I love the branches...

...and the trunk!
One of my other favourite trees is at the other end of woodside grange.  It is a bit of a mammoth (at the corner of a Y-intersection where woodside grange meets woodside Ave).  I like the view from the bottom, looking up through the branches.  But what I really adore is the trunk (yes... as my kids say... i find bark interesting!).  This particular trunk reminds me of a wet rag... right after a person has tried to twist it to squeeze out the excess water..... and of course, given the amount of rain here, the analogy to squeezing out a wet rag is more than apt!  ;-)

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  1. Enjoying the small things in life always adds a little more delight and spice to life. And yes, despite grad school I am planning on coming on a trip at some point to the UK. I should look for a travel and tourism conference and visit. Off I go to look!


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