Monday, August 22, 2011

The passing of my friend Al Trotter

Al (Elmer) Trotter
This week marked the passing of a much loved friend:  Al Trotter.  Several years back, I had the good fortune to work with him and Norman Reid (and the tenacious and gracious Susan Ruttan) on a case involving the federal government's refusal to pay full compensation to a number of former prisoners of war (and those airmen shot down behind enemy lines, who spent their time evading capture).  Al and Norm were doggedly persistent in their quest for justice, and eventually (with the help of Paul Pearlman and Marcia McNeil) won their case, resulting in the full pensions being paid to something like 120 vetrans (or their widowed spouses).   Indeed, for several years, students in the UVic "Law, Legislation and Policy" course used the case to learn about law... and many of wrote pettions to the AG of Canada in support of the two men.   Here is a link to those course materials, if you want to read more about these two amazing men.

Before he died, Al also wrote a great book about his experiences behind the lines (he was a POW in the camp which is the subject of the movie "The Great Escape").  You can see a note about his book, "Against the Odds" if you click on the link.

Here are a few links to newspaper reports on this great man.  I feel very lucky to have known him.


  1. Inspiring, in so many ways. Thanks for posting and sharing. Love to you. g.

  2. Oh, So sorry for your loss, Rebecca.

  3. We are very fortunate when we meet and share time and thoughts with such influential fighters. Good for him for standing up and leaving a legacy many with remember.


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