Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Imperial War Museum (by Duncan)

Last weekend, we took a trip to the Imperial War Museum. We brought the camera to take pictures, but my mom forgot to put the memory card in the camera. She only figured that out when we were all standing in front of the museum, and some other person was trying to take a picture of us! So we didn't get any pictures of us. But we did buy the book from the Museum. This is the cover, and you can pretend that we are standing in front of the museum and waving to you.

Inside the book are pictures of some of the things we saw. There were lots of things related to war. We saw some planes, some tanks, some bombs, and even some busses!

There was also a world war I section in the museum, where you could go walk through a reconstruction of the trenches to see what it felt like. Here is a picture of the trenches from the book. It was dark, and noisy, and kind of creepy to be inside. It even smelled like you were surrounded by dirt. My mom and Alex were happy to get out of there! There were lots of things related to war. There were also a ton of guns to see, and you could go into something like the inside of a submarine!

There was also a great museum shop with so many things I would have liked to buy. My dad did get me a really cool shirt. My mom says that I now match the treetrunks outside our house! The museum was excellent, and I would like to go there again.

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  1. Duncan, you can now go camouflage in the green space by your house, jump out and scare Kiwi one day. I love the Imperial War Museum. The planes hanging from the ceiling, the funny looking cars and trucks, and the interesting things people wore, ate and did during the war to pass the time. Next time you go, look through the World War 2 area. I almost cried several times when I read the tragic things that happened to some people and looked at some of the pictures of mass graves of the innocent dead. Keep seeing everything you can!


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